Internal Career Development

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Internal Career Development

When You Grow, We Grow


Internal Career Development is the movement and progression of employees to new opportunities within FrieslandCampina. We encourage you to constantly develop yourself by either taking on more responsibility in your present role or by pursuing new roles within FrieslandCampina for advancement.

We believe that you can really grow in the direction you desire, cultivating creativity and innovative ways of working.

We invite you to come along for a journey; a journey boosted by the support of inspiring leaders and a breadth of opportunities across the company.

Ready For Your Next Career Move?

  1. Have Continuous Dialogues  with your manager, team, HR and peers; 
  2. Complete your Personal Development Plan (PDP);
  3. On this career platform, you will find an overview of all the internal and external vacancies. When you find a role that matches with your interest, you can easily apply via the apply button;
  4. Create a Job Alert on this Global Career Site if you don't directly see a vacancy you like. This functionality notifies you via a weekly or monthly email when there are new job openings related to your interests. Read more about How to create a Job Alert.
Internal mobility

Internal Recruitment Process

Rules of the game

  1. Every employee takes a proactive approach in driving and advancing their career; every employee & line manager are encouraged to have continuous dialogues around the topic of (possible) next moves;
  2. To build depth & breadth of knowledge and experience, as well as maintain business continuity, every employee is encouraged (but not enforced) to remain in their role for at least 2-3 years;
  3. Managers support employees in their career advancements and cannot block employees in their career advancements;
  4. Every vacancy (including a start and a closing date) will be posted first, and for a minimum of two weeks, on the internal global career platform before being posted externally;
  5. The internal global recruitment process will be followed for all vacancies to ensure transparency and equality;
  6. The selection criteria for each role will be clearly specified within the vacancy description posted to drive transparency and objectivity;
  7. An employee's line manager must be informed once you are invited for a 1st interview;
  8. Preference is always given to internal candidates; only in case that critical capabilities are missing external candidates are considered;
  9. For all internal applications who have had at least 1 interview, personalised feedback must be provided by the hiring manager for rejected candidates, including the outcome of all assessments;
  10.  When an employee transfers internally: a) The transfer period between two roles is the running month plus one month, b) A transfer plan must be agreed upon by all parties, c) Tasks related to the previous role can only be executed for a maximum of one month after transition.

Make Your Next Career Move!