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Work with and represent our iconic brands

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FrieslandCampina has numerous products that are making a difference in the lives of millions of consumers every single day. As global FMCG player we are home to strong iconic brands like Campina, Cécémel, Nutroma, Joyvalle, Fristi, Debic en Lattiz. Some of our products you can’t find on the shelves in the supermarket. They are used as an ingredient by B2B customers, for food products or in the pharmaceutical industry. Our brands have leading positions in their home markets. This is the result of the efforts of our strong Marketing and Sales teams.

Working within our commercial environment involves more than just marketing or selling our products.

In order to do so, our Sales and Marketing teams work tirelessly to better understand our customers, their needs and wants and the ways in which they use our products. You can become part of a dynamic environment in which you work with a beautiful portfolio of international brands.

More than a supplier of dairy products

"I get a lot of energy from the personal contact with our customers. The daily conversations with chefs confirm to me that with Debic we are more than a supplier of dairy products for the professional market. We also inspire with recipes and support chefs with running their business” - Sofie Vanderhasselt, Culinary Advisor Debic

Sofie, Culinair Adviseur Debic

Business to Consumer

Within B2C our Sales and Marketing teams focus on:

  • Creating and implementing innovative marketing concepts
  • Managing our brand portfolio
  • Conducting market research in order to adapt to changing consumer needs
  • Proposing plans or corrective actions for changing needs
  • Developing new communication platforms and integrated touch-point planning across geographies to ensure a consistent brand identity and message
Our products

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Business to Business

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Have you ever considered who produces the creamer in your coffee or the cheese on your pizza? You can find our ingredients or semi-finished products in restaurants, bars, bakeries or in the kitchens of famous chefs. Additionally, we produce more complex specialised ingredients and semi-manufactured goods for the production of infant nutrition, sports nutrition or even for products in the pharmaceutical industry. As Sales or Marketing professional within our B2B Commercial field, you work with brands that our customers need as basis for their own end products.

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