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Garni, Resilient by Nature


Have you seen it yet? FrieslandCampina's new video gives a glimpse into working within our company. Fifteen colleagues share their special and personal stories about what drives them in life and therefore also in their work.

This is the story of our Resilient Logistics coordinator Garni.

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Garni's story

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Garni has been working at FrieslandCampina for over seven years and started as an order picker, grew to the position of counter assistant and is currently a logistics coordinator at our production location in Maasdam. Garni describes himself as eager to learn and able to switch quickly. “I have taught myself all kinds of things and can now fill in almost all places if necessary”. He enjoys training new colleagues, and what he likes most is the atmosphere in the team. “We are there for each other, make jokes, always help each other when needed and together we ensure that we do the best for our customers.”

Making each other better, smarter and stronger. That's what I stand for!

Resilient by Nature

When it's busy or extra hands are needed somewhere, Garni is at the front to help his colleagues. He takes satisfaction from making sure everything is running as it should. During the daily handover, all important matters are discussed; how many layer pickers have been run, whether there have been any malfunctions, and the current state of affairs. “Sometimes this means that we have to pull out all the stops to implement a plan B. Due to the resilience and trust within our team, we are often successful”

Garni resilient by Nature

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Doing what makes you happy

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Outside of work, Garni also finds it important to help people. "If I notice that someone is not feeling well, I try to lighten them up by using jokes. It helps to relativize and to look at issues from a different angle.”

Garni is the father of a son and daughter. “I think it's important to talk about the future with my kids, however I try not to put too much pressure on them. As long as they are honest and helpful people and do what they like, I am a happy father.”

Do you also want to do what makes you happy?

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