Quality, Safety, Health & Environment


Working On a High Quality And a Zero-Incident Culture


We have the ambition to make every working day a healthy and safe experience for our employees. We aim for a zero-incident culture in which pro-active behaviour is of key importance.

Our Quality and SHE professionals oversee the entire chain, so we can ensure the safety and quality of our products. From grass-to-glass and from farmer until the final products. Our ownership of the entire supply chain means we can guarantee high quality. Our concept of quality includes our products as well as our processes.

Together with your team you work every day on a pro-active safety and quality culture and gaining support of stakeholders. 

Responsibilities within Quality, Safety, Health & Environment

We cannot function without a solid QA department. It’s what our brands stand for and our customers rely on.

The Different Departments Within QA Are

  • QA Release
    Releases raw materials, intermediates and final products.
  • QA Operations
    Addresses variations in production. They go into the factory daily to check if everything is up to quality standards.
  • QA Systems
    Focuses on various matters within quality, such as audits, complaints and specifications.
  • QA Validation
    Focuses on quality within innovation projects. An important task is risk assessment, in order to assure a smooth development of products and processes.

Foqus: Quality And Safety From Grass to Glass

Milk (the basis of our products) contains essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, milk sugars, vitamins and minerals, which help create healthy and delicious dairy products, which are sustainably produced. Of course we take the utmost care to ensure responsible production and high-quality products. We have a single approach to guarantee the safety and quality of the entire chain, from the farm right through to distribution. We call this quality system Foqus.

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