We embrace the power of differences and collaborate with a growth mindset!

Daisy is collaborative by nature


‘’I encourage my team to be aware of their own talents and strengths, embrace the "power of differences," and leverage their strengths to drive success within our win-win mindset.” Daisy is collaborative by nature. Curious how she translates this into her work as Operations Director in Hong Kong? Read her story below.

In April 2021, I joined FrieslandCampina as the Operations Director for Hong Kong with an extensive supply chain background in FMCG industries, including P&G and L’Oréal, I am responsible for managing a team of 14 with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Together, we oversee demand and supply planning, logistics, and quality and safety.

With great people and strong team collaboration, we can always overcome challenges.

As with many industries, the global supply chain disruptions and ever-changing macro environment present unique challenges for FrieslandCampina daily. However, with great people and strong team collaboration, we can always overcome these challenges with success.

The success story of Black & White

One example of this success story is Black and White, the hero brand in Hong Kong's Food Services industry. This brand faced the most challenging business situation under the pandemic's hit. 

Black & White Milk Series


Still, through managing inventory and production plans together with sales, our team ensured a sufficient supply of Black & White condensed milk in the market to support consumption. Additionally, thanks to proactive market intelligence sharing from Sales, forecast accuracy was able to turn around within two months despite difficult and dynamic business environments.

Strive for the best with integrity and respect

At FrieslandCampina, we value our employees and their feedback and bring an outside-in perspective and growth mindset to support win-win decisions.

Team Hong Kong


I have received tremendous support and inspiration from passionate senior management, peers, and anyone with strong technical expertise. Apart from day-to-day business operations, ample opportunities are given to manage projects that elevate my skillsets to the next level.

I keep holding “strive for the best with integrity and respect” as my personal value. Coincidently, FrieslandCampina also holds a strong standard of compass describing the core values, principles, and guidelines for our day-to-day work. The attitude of "we" is what I appreciate the most, collaboration is the true nature of our team. The diversity, enthusiasm, and collective commitment of each individual shape the future of dairy and make FrieslandCampina a special place to work. Our passion for winning and embracing change is the key attitude that drives our company's pride and energy.

We work together on a strength-based approach.

My team is energised, engaged, open-minded, and always executes with excellence. They work together with curiosity, challenging the status quo, and striving to exceed expectations while enjoying simplicity and clarity to enable a seamless way of working. Recently, we adapted to a strength-based approach in how we work together using the Cliftonstrengths TOP 5 talent identifier.

We collaborate with a growth mindset

We collaborate with a growth mindset and overcome the unique challenges posed by global supply chain disruptions. With our passion for winning and embracing change, we continue to shape the future of dairy and nourish the world!

Team Hong Kong
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