FrieslandCampina's Technology & Operations traineeship

The application for the Technology & Operations traineeship starting in September 2024, will be open from March 1st until April 7th 2024
Nicole, Technology & Operations trainee

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As Technologist, you will feel completely at home at FrieslandCampina. As a cooperation we have made the commitment of processing all the milk of our member dairy farmers. Milk that consists of hundreds of components that are both used in our consumer products and in ingredients – there is even milk powder in a paracetamol!

In our plants, safety and continuous improvement are of paramount importance.

By creating an optimal process, we can ensure the food-safety and quality of our products. FrieslandCampina offers you the unique opportunity to work throughout the whole chain, from grass to glass. Does this excite you? Your creativity, innovative spirit and technical instinct will all be put to good use during the Technology & Operations traineeship. Apply now!

Traineeship Technology & Operations

As Technology & Operations trainee you get to work with all aspects and people throughout the business, since technology is the foundation for all our products and processes, we have in place. In our two-year program you will get all the tools to develop yourself, personally and professionally. You get immerse yourself in our organization by doing two challenging assignments, for instance you could be working on the development of plant processes together with a team of to make them more sustainable by using innovation. A lot of different technology departments and variety in assignments come together within the Technology & Operations traineeship. 

Trainee Jasper in de fabriek

Are we looking for you?

  • Completed a WO Master’s degree in for instance Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Innovation Technology
  • Entry level work experience and/or an internship in technology
  • Affinity with production and food process technology
  • International focus, mindset and mobility
  • Ambition to build your career within the Technology field
  • Fluent in Dutch (hard requirement)

Nicole, Technology & Operations trainee

“I really like interacting with the different disciplines within my projects, such as engineers, technicians and operators. The exchange of ideas, perspectives and expertise is not only good for the projects, but also enriches my own curiosity and knowledge.” – Nicole, Technology & Operations trainee

Nicole, Resilient by Nature

Laura, Technology & Operations trainee

"Since I am working on various projects, there is much to learn. The pieces of training mainly give me a different perspective on my role or how I can best put myself to work on the project. One training really helped me in particular, which was about stakeholder management." - Laura, Corporate Technology & Operations trainee

Laura, Technology & Operations Trainee

Examples of assignments


Sustainability Assignment
Almost all sustainable initiatives require development of technology and the implementation of it. First of all, in factories you can think of implementing energy savings or finding more sustainable energy sources. Furthermore, on a farm level there are a lot of opportunities to generate and store energy. Your role as technology trainee can be to develop new technologies (eg. separation of manure) or manage projects like the installation of solar panels on rooftops of farms.

Process Technologist – On Site
On site you work with mechanics, quality officers, operators and many other stakeholders to get the most out of your plant. You are responsible for troubleshooting, for example how to deal with fouling of membranes, moreover improvement projects, like reducing energy or material use, and additionally you are giving input for strategic decisions which involve technology. Decisions regarding matching plant capacity to customer demand for example.

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Eva van Hoogstraten


The application for the Technology & Operations traineeship starting in September 2024, will be open from March 1st until April 7th 2024.

Do you have questions about the traineeship? Contact me!

Eva van Hoogstraten