FrieslandCampina's Supply Chain & Operations Traineeship

The application for the Supply Chain & Operations traineeship starting in September 2023, will be open from February 27th until April 9th 2023
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Our Supply Chain

In our plants, safety and continuous improvement are of paramount importance. We carry hundreds of technical and product innovations, with a value of more than half a billion euros per year. To contribute to a better world, we reduce our CO2 emissions by using green energy. One way we are contributing is through the installation of solar panels on farms and by reducing the water and energy usage in factories.

The supply of milk lies at the basis of different valuable product flows. The challenge here is to process all the milk supplied, whether in a Mona dessert or in Milner cheese. Besides that, milk components are also processed into pharmaceutical raw materials, semi-finished products or infant and toddler nutrition. At FrieslandCampina we own the entire chain; from grass to glass.

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As a Supply Chain & Operations trainee you will be working with teams to continuously improve our organizational, technological, and analytical skills, to ensure we deliver the right product in the right place at the right time and at the right cost. In this two-year program you get the opportunity to fully develop yourself in roles such as Team Leader at the packaging department in Leerdam, Demand Planner at our headquarters in Amersfoort, or Manager Planning on site to advance your leadership skills. After two challenging roles you will have all the tools and managerial competencies for your future career. We are looking for trainees who have the ambition to develop themselves into a plant manager at one of our production sites and accordingly grow into a role as Director Manufacturing. 

Do you have a passion for production processes and would you consider working with a company that owns the entire chain, from grass to glass? Apply now! 

Are we looking for you?

  • Completed a WO Master’s degree preferably in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Technology or Supply Chain Management
  • You are interested in working within the various disciplines within Supply Chain/ Operations (e.g. QA, Operations, Maitenance, Plan&Deliver)
  • You have the ambition to build you career within a production environment
  • Fluent in Dutch (hard requirement)

Suus, Supply Chain & Operations Trainee

"FrieslandCampina contributes to the world by making nutritional, affordable products available globally. I like the construct of a cooperation between member farmers assuring the quality of the milk, and Frieslandcampina turning it into an endless scale of dairy products. I never knew that the extent of possibilities of dairy products was so broad, in so many industries!"

Trainee Suus, Curious by Nature

Niek, Supply Chain Trainee

"What I really like about the traineeship is the amount of time spent on our personal development. There is an extensive development programme that has given me lots of new insights. Part of them were very practical, to be used in my daily tasks, while others have taught me more about myself: who I am and a person at what I find important in work and in life in general."

Supply Chain Trainee Niek - Trustworthy by Nature

Examples of assignments


Continuous Improvement Project Manager
In a role as continuous improvement manager you will think about improvements of processes in and around the plants of FrieslandCampina. Your goal is to streamline and improve productions from a number of different perspectives.

Team Leader Packaging
As team leader packaging you are responsible for the production of the packaging department. Safety, quality and costs are very important. To make sure the production is realised on time, you tell the operators and mechanics what they have to do. You must set priorities, take decisions very quickly and have to be able to communicate very clear. During the day you have contact with other departments (processing and logistics) in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

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Eva van Hoogstraten


The application for the Supply Chain & Operations traineeship starting in March 2023, will be open from February 27th until April 9th 2023.

Do you have questions about the traineeship? Contact me!

Eva van Hoogstraten