Increasing access to nutrition with Milky Pap



“We take our role in providing better nutrition for everyone very seriously.” Gloria, Brand Manager in Nigeria, is passionate by nature. How does she use this drive in her work?

Access to nutrious foods

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy, yet about 70 percent of the 200 million of its people live in poverty. “For many people it’s a struggle to get nutritious foods. They want to consume high quality milk products, but they can’t afford it. To make milk products more accessible for lower income families we introduced Milky Pap.”

Milky Pap


“Milky Pap is made with our high quality Peak milk. It’s a nutritious milk and pap product offered at an affordable price. We take our role in providing better nutrition for everyone very seriously. That’s why we aim to make nutritious foods available for everyone in Nigeria. We’re also looking into ways to support school programmes, to increase nutrition intake for children.”

Gloria has big ambitions for the future of Milky Pap.

My dream would be for everyone in Nigeria to have access to nutritious foods.

"I hope Milky Pap will be on many breakfast tables in Nigeria. I hope we can expand our product to other markets. It would be great if we can offer the affordable dairy products in other African countries.”

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