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Tuba & Arjan


Did you know there are more than 27 million refugees worldwide who are unable to return to their homeland for fear of persecution? They find themselves in a new country and may struggle to relocate and settle into local society. Therefore we are running a series of mentoring programs to support talents with a refugee background to find employment. Read more about the experiences of the mentorship of Tuba and Arjan and the impact on their personal and professional development.

Meet Tuba and Arjan

Tuba, a 33-year-old Treasury Expert from Turkey, always had big dreams for her career.

Arjan, an employee of FrieslandCampina for over 20 years, has worked in technology at Research and Development, Supply Chain, and is now a Manager Process Technology in our innovation center in Wageningen.

Tuba and Arjan - Refugee Talent Hub


After studying Business Administration in Istanbul, Tuba worked in Turkey for four years. She was a happy and hardworking person until she experienced that everyone is born a potential refugee. She came to the Netherlands 9 months ago, and despite the challenges, Tuba is determined to rebuild her career and start anew.

Thanks to the experience that the FrieslandCampina Mentoring program gave me, I am more confident and hopeful that I can start to rebuild my career here in the Netherlands.

Arjan joined the mentoring program to help refugee talents like Tuba learn more about the ways of Dutch people and how to enter the job market. Together, they formed an inspiring partnership, and Tuba has grown in confidence with Arjan's guidance and mentorship.


The mentoring experience

Tuba: “This was my first chance to interact with the Dutch market and the professionals out there, so I was very excited. Thanks to the experience that the FrieslandCampina Mentoring program gave me, I am now more confident, but more importantly, more hopeful that I can start to rebuild my career here in the Netherlands."

Arjan & Tuba talking


Arjan: "I think being a mentor is very valuable. The idea is to support talents with a refugee background in finding a job. I have been working on that with Tuba, but we also had different conversations about what she has been through. We live in a strange world, and it makes me happy that I can contribute to creating something positive."

The best part about being a mentor or mentee


Tuba: “I had the opportunity to meet with Arjan almost every week, whether in person or online. During these meetings, I gained a lot of knowledge about professional life in the Netherlands, and Arjan even organised a mock interview for me to prepare for the job market. Having this possibility is the best part of the program for me!"

Arjan: "Being a mentor gives me insight into how good we have it here. Sometimes we complain about everything, which is okay, but compared to what refugees have been through, we have a very comfortable life and much to be thankful for.”

Compassion and empathy can make a real difference in people's lives

The FrieslandCampina Mentoring program empowers refugees like Tuba to rebuild their careers and start anew. It is an inspiring example of how compassion and empathy can make a real difference in people's lives.

Refugee Talent Hub


Tuba sums it up best, saying:

Being a mentee in the mentoring program was a very positive experience for me, both for my personal and professional development, and I’m really looking forward to what the future holds!

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