We can only achieve our goal by working together

Melissa - collaborative by nature


“We can only achieve our goal by working together.” Melissa works as Packaging Development Manager in our sustainability packaging expertise team, where she works together with many different departments. 

I guide the entire process for various packaging types, such as big bags for ingredients and trays for consumer products.

A challenging journey

“It is a challenging journey to reach our goal of making our packaging of 100% recyclable plastic in 2025. We can only achieve this by working together. Both internally and externally. Sales colleagues play an important role in this. They are the ones who have to sell the sustainable packaging materials. We also have to align with our production locations, who have to be able to process the packaging. We all need to work together to reach our goal.”

Recyclable plastic


Melissa was involved in the development of our first sustainable cheese packaging. “I tested with waste processing companies whether the packaging really is easy to sort and to recycle. 

I'm really proud of this project and the result we achieved!

In order to continue achieving our objectives, we will organise various workshops for colleagues all over the world. Together with colleagues from other disciplines we will analyse the product portfolio for each country. Where does packaging go? What does this mean for recyclability? By answering these questions we learn for each market what is required for optimising packaging. Recyclable packaging for one country is not automatically sustainable packaging for another.”

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