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What Is In Your Nature?

Staying close to our beliefs is what made FrieslandCampina to what it is today. It is in our nature. We believe that when you stay close to your nature, you will get the most out of your natural potential.  What is in your nature? Play the game and discover your nature.

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We Were There For Your Grandparents

And even for their grandparents. Our roots lie in the Dutch soil and we’ve been around since 1871. Every single day, our employees and member dairy farmers work hard. It is the diversity of our people, their individual enthousiasm and collective commitment to shaping the future of dairy that makes FrieslandCampina a special place. 

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Following our recent announcement to accelerate our strategy, focused on growth, optimisation of our organisation and cost structure, we will still have key positions available. Though the transformation will unfortunately have an overall reduction of jobs, these open roles remain critical to realise our strategy. We need your talent and capabilities to keep nourishing the world with our dairy products. 

So unleash your nature and join our team.  

Applying at FrieslandCampina During COVID-19

Especially now during COVID-19 FrieslandCampina plays a vital role within the food industry. We have adapted our recruitment processes to the current situation, where most job interviews take place online via video interviews. In order to have a successful interview, it is important to prepare yourself. We have created #10 tips to help you have the perfect video interview.

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We’re a Family, Spread Around the Globe

Which language do you speak? We speak all of them.

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Bring your spark. Join us. Grow with us