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Working On a Future Proof FrieslandCampina

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For FrieslandCampina to grow and reach our ambitions stated in the strategy ‘Our Purpose Our Plan’, we need to run day-to-day operations, but also make required transformation via projects and programmes. Project Management is all about “changing the business”. The complexity of the projects may vary, but you always have a central role when it comes to planning and guarding budgets and quality, as well as risk and stakeholder management. Project Management adds value by tying it all together.

Project Management adds value by tying it all together.

As a Project Manager there is a wide range of possibilities where you can add value. This could be in the area of Communications, IT, Innovation, or within our Supply Chain organisation. The complexity is managing different projects simultaneously. 

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Invest, Innovate and Continue to Produce

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How to change the engine of a driving vehicle? With other words; how to continue our processes, while innovating our factories? Changing the current infrastructure while maintaining the production levels, demands organisational talent with technical background. To successfully run these complex projects, we are looking for Technical Project Managers, who will take care of our brownfield and greenfield projects around the world. Projects vary from building spray drying towers, till complete new production and packaging lines. It concerns complex multidisciplinary projects and programmes in the range of 1 to 100 million Euro’s investment. Are you up for this challenge?

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