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FrieslandCampina operates a wholly owned, end-to-end supply chain that takes our products from grass to glass. This makes our company unique. It lies at the beating heart of everything we do and is as complex as it is extensive.

We have agreed that we will process all the milk our member dairy farmers deliver. This means our supply and demand planning must be perfectly aligned at all times!

Tasked to ensure the efficient and effective production of every drop of milk supplied by our member dairy farmers, we are facing a number of challenges in terms of our day-to-day running, ongoing improvement, and future direction. 

You’re dependent on the dairy volumes that are delivered

“It is our responsibility to get the best quality out of our products as quality is essential to the success of our company. You are dependent on the dairy volumes that are being delivered by fulfilling the Golden Quality Rules of from grass to glass to ensure high quality and safe products for our consumers. Therefore, we seek individuals with high level of analytical skills with strong quality awareness and commitment.” – Tan Siew Chin, Quality Manager 

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Milk valorisation and allocation adds value to the business of FrieslandCampina from its very core: the milk delivered by our member dairy farmers. Every day, this milk supply needs to be allocated to the right combination of products in our supply chain and across our businesses. Every decision we take has an impact on the company results, both short and long term.

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