The story of our supply chain; from grass to glass

Grass to glass


Dairy goes on a long journey before it is consumed. We own and manage the entire chain, from the grass that the cows eat all the way to the dairy products in cold storage. Continue reading to learn more about the different steps in our supply chain.

Everything starts with the cow

Our journey begins at the farm. We are owned by 16,995 member dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. This makes us one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world. Our member dairy farmers dedicate themselves to their cows and their land every day. Thanks to their professional expertise and their perseverance, we can supply healthy and high quality dairy products to the market.

Member dairy farmer and cows

Production: from milk to a wide range of products

Our drivers pick up the milk and take it to our production locations, where we use it to make a wide range of products. Globally, we have over 10,000 people working in our production locations: planners, operators, technicians, engineers, team leaders, and more. They are tasked to ensure the efficient and effective production of every drop of milk supplied by our member dairy farmers. In 2020 we processed 10 billion kilos of milk into qualitative dairy products. 

Factory Nigeria

Quality & Safety

We are working towards better nutrition for the world. This means that our products need to be healthy, safe and of excellent quality. Our Quality and Safety colleagues oversee the entire chain and during the entire process various quality and safety checks take place. Safety does not just mean safe products, but also a safe working environment for our people. We aim for a zero-incident culture. 

Quality check

Customers and consumers

We create wonderful products from milk; for young and old, each and every day. Milk and dairy may be at the heart of what we do, but at FrieslandCampina, we make more than just cheese and yogurt. We also produce dairy nutrition for specific groups of consumers, such as toddlers or adults with specific requirements. And we provide the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry with ingredients for their own products. Our products find their way to over 100 countries around the world.

Our global brands

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