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How to empower mothers in times of COVID? The marketing team of Three Crowns came up with an innovative solution to help mothers in Nigeria stay healthy during the lock down, which resulted in an increase in their sales of 300%! How they do it? Lara Marketing Manager of Three Crowns, explains.

Our motto at Three Crowns is ‘healthy mums, happy families’.

"We see it as our mission to empower mothers in Nigeria with the right dairy nutrition and lifestyle. When COVID hit, we had to find innovative ways to stay close to our consumers and to help them in these difficult times. Home schooling and working from home resulted in an increase in mental stress, anxiety and weight gain for mothers specifically.

Since shops were partially closed, we focused a lot more on ecommerce. We started online campaigns and found out that we could reach a lot of people. We leveraged the growing engagement on our digital platforms and made use of our reach to help mothers and their families."

Online work outs

"Every Saturday, we organise online work out sessions with a renowned fitness coach. The sessions are enriched with conversations on mental health, financial tips, tips for breakfast and health tips. Initially we started the work out sessions with 300-400 participants, but now we have on average 1,000 people in the call.

Our online activities didn’t just positively impact the consumers, but also our brand. We were able to reach a lot of people, which resulted in an increase in our sales of 300%!"

Three Crowns Campaign


As a mother myself, I understand that mothers have a lot to take care of and a lot to balance. I’m really proud that we, as a brand, have the opportunity to help mothers take care of themselves.

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