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Where are you going to add value?

Dairy Essentials

Within our supply chain, it all starts with Dairy Essentials. Dairy Essentials is responsible for our non-branded basic products such as cheese, butter and milk powder for the food industry. One of the important responsibilities is to optimise the processing of the milk we receive from our member dairy farmers on a daily basis. Dairy Essentials valorises most of the milk volumes.

Consumer Dairy

Dairy products make up an important part of the daily diets of large population groups around the world. Also for our professional customers, we produce a broad range of products for chefs, bakeries and pasty cooks. Frisian Flag, Campina, Landliebe, Debic, Lattiz, Rainbow, Dutch Lady, Alaska and many more leading brands.

Our products

Specialised Nutrition

Specialised Nutrition offers dairy nutrition to specific groups of consumers. Varying from infants to adults with specific requirements and athletes. Our dedicated teams of marketing, technical and nutritional experts develop science-based dairy products that meet the specific needs and preferences of these consumers. Well-known brands include Friso, Optimel and Vifit Sports. 

Vifit Sports FrieslandCampina


The ingredients that come from milk are incredibly versatile. FrieslandCampina Ingredients serves the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries with natural, value-added ingredients and dedicated innovations.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients