FrieslandCampina's Finance Traineeship

The application for the Finance traineeship starting in September 2024, will be open from March 1st until April 7th 2024
Risheek, Finance Trainee

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FrieslandCampina is one of the leading global players in dairy – a position which can only be maintained through sound financial management. Talented professionals, like you, are always looking for optimal value for money: you want to win in the market. At FrieslandCampina, we want to be profitable to be able to make a positive, long lasting impact. Our long-term vision focuses on generating profits in order to create sustainable value for our member dairy farmers. 

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About our Finance Traineeship

As a finance trainee at FrieslandCampina you will constantly be challenged. In a two-year program you will get the opportunity to work on two assignments within different areas of finance. On the one hand, you can work in our financial shared services, located in Budapest and Kuala Lumpur, in which operational financial activities are being performed. On the other hand, you will have the possibility to work in a role in which you discover factors driving the business and explore in which direction the company should go to create more value. 

This is your chance to develop yourself in a broader field and help decide where you want to end up in our company. As a corporate trainee you therefore are proactive and eager to learn and develop.

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Are we looking for you?

  • Completed a WO Master’s degree (Preferably in Finance, Accounting & Controlling, Business Administration or Economics)
  • Entry level work experience and/or an internships
  • Experience with financial systems is an advantage
  • International focus, mindset and mobility
  • Team player, analytical skills, result driven, social and leadership skills
  • Fluent in English

Benjamin, Finance trainee

"What I like most about working at FrieslandCampina is the people, the ambience and the opportunity to challenge yourself. At a company as big as FrieslandCampina, there is always the possibility of doing anything you like." - Benjamin, Finance trainee

Benjamin, Finance Trainee

Risheek, Finance trainee

“My first five months at FrieslandCampina have been an immense learning process. The unique experience of working at a cooperative coupled with the fantastic work culture makes for a great experience.” – Risheek, Corporate Finance trainee

Risheek, Finance Trainee

Examples of assignments


Commercial Controller 
As a commercial controller you will have two roles. First, you have the financial perspective, where FrieslandCampina expects you to be in control of the financials. This means understanding everything related to finance such as, the costs, profits, KPI's, cash flows, balance posts, overdues and translating this to understandable insights. Second, as commercial controller you work with marketing and sales departments on a daily basis. In this role, you are expected to be the financial business partner by providing strong financial insights, but also to challenge your marketing and sales colleagues to make the right decisions. The combination of these two parts makes it a diverse, analytical and challenging role.

Corporate Treasury 
In the Corporate Treasury role, you work on day-to-day Treasury-related activities like cash and FX management while also playing a role in shaping strategic projects. In the latter, you get the opportunity to help implement processes and policies such as FX Hedging and Dividend Cycle Planning while also being able to take part in negotiations with banks and other external stakeholders.

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Eva van Hoogstraten


The application for the Finance Traineeship starting in September 2024, will be open from March 1st until April 7th 2024

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Eva van Hoogstraten