Intern Waste Water Technology

The production facility of FrieslandCampina in Veghel produces single ingredients like cream, proteins such as caseinates and whey proteins, lactose and other products from raw milk and cheese whey. During these processes and during cleaning wastewater is produced. This wastewater consists of various components such as phosphates, sulfates, COD and nitrogen containing components like protein (N-Kjeldahl).


Site Veghel is committed to adhere to and operate within the limits imposed by the province of Noord-Brabant. For the site, this specifically means that we need to build up knowledge about several key components in waste water to remain a trustworthy partner for the community and Provincial Government.  This assignment focusses on mass balances and (bio)chemical processes that contribute to the either of the following components: Sulfate, N-Kjeldahl and COD.

Intern Waste Water Technology

What we ask

  • HBO or WO working and thinking level
  • Study types: (Bio)Chemical Engineering, Process Technology, Food Technology or any related study
  • Language: Dutch or English
  • Duration: 4-6 months
  • Personal characteristics: independent starting mentality, helicopter view, analytical, assertive

Experience with analyzing process data is beneficial though not required.

What we offer

We offer an interesting and challenging internship in which we offer you the opportunity to develop in your area of interest. You can count on professional guidance and a fair internship allowance.


Vacancy description

One of the main goals of this internship is the mapping of the wastewater mass balances of the production plant of site Veghel. With these mass balances, critical areas can be identified to give room for further optimization.

The assignment may include:

  • Map current wastewater streams and processes that drain on these streams
  • Check as built situations with technical drawings and take actions on identified gaps
  • Make and execute sample plan to support mass balance
  • Develop mass balance
  • Put main contributors in pareto diagram to pinpoint critical processes
  • Recommend on further actions


Staying true to who you really are, that is your starting point at FrieslandCampina. Because it is precisely by embracing our differences that we can grow together. We want to create a working environment that allows all employees to bring their best and authentic selves. If who we are suits you, but you're not sure if you're the best fit for the role, we still encourage you to apply so we can help you find the role that fits you best.

You will work in the technologist team at FrieslandCampina Veghel. This young team consists of motivated technologists who like to apply their knowledge in practice. The office is centrally located on the production site, making it easy for you to enter the factory to sort things out. The technologists in Veghel ensure that the right quality product is made, they make improvement proposals and support in projects.

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