Intern Process Technology

This internship is in Veghel, one of the biggest dairy processing plants in the world. We are producing proteins for medical food, IFT and sports nutrition. These products require a very high quality standard. The assignment will help us to even higher the quality of our products. At the end of the assignment you have selected a PSD measurement that can measure the size of the curd. One of the most important parameters during production. Your assignment will be part of our smart factory program and when the results are positive we will implement your selected equipment.

Intern Process Technology

What we ask

To successfully complete this assignment;

- Do you have a relevant master's degree, e.g. chemical technology, food technology, process technology or data science

- You like solving problems and are able to quickly acquire the qualities required for this.

- You are organized and communicative.

- You enjoy meeting new people and getting things done from them.

- Available for at least 4 months, preferably 5 or 6 so that you can really create something.

What we offer

We offer an interesting and challenging internship in which we offer you the opportunity to develop in your area of interest. You can count on professional guidance and a fair internship allowance.

Vacancy description

In Veghel we produce more than 45 ktons of caseinate every year. For this we need more than 1 billion liters of milk. To make the most and the best out of this we are automating our processes to make our factory a smart factory. We are making big steps in this with new control software and data tools.

To provide the control loops with the right information and automate the steering on this control loops we are using inline sensors. This internship has the goal to develop/select and test a PSD measurement which can measure the quality of our curd. This curd production is in the middle of our factory and is one of the most important steps of the caseinate production.

You will be working in a program team which has the goal to automate the full process. Your supervisor will be a senior technologist which can help you to be as successful as possible.

Staying true to who you really are, that is your starting point at FrieslandCampina. Because it is precisely by embracing our differences that we can grow together. We want to create a working environment that allows all employees to bring their best and authentic selves. If who we are suits you, but you're not sure if you're the best fit for the role, we still encourage you to apply so we can help you find the role that fits you best.

You will work in the technologist team at FrieslandCampina Veghel. This young team consists of motivated technologists who like to apply their knowledge in practice. The office is centrally located on the production site, making it easy for you to enter the factory to sort things out. The technologists in Veghel ensure that the right quality product is made, they make improvement proposals and support in projects.

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