We all have the ability to learn

Fenna - innvative by nature


"Growth and development are more than just following a training. The challenge lies in creating a culture where learning and development are not only stimulated, but also part of the job." Inspired by her innovative nature, Fenna paved the way in creating a learning culture in her job as Global Learning Manager at FrieslandCampina. 

You learn every day


"We often associate learning with going to school, but you learn every day, and you learn everywhere. Learning rarely happens in a fixed environment. It can be because you listened to a podcast, or someone shared an interesting article with you, or when you’re receiving feedback from others. These learnings are rarely big or exciting, as they usually occur in small steps."

Everyone can learn. It doesn't matter what age you are, or what job you are doing.

An online learning platform

“At FrieslandCampina, we have an amazing amount of trainings available. Many of these trainings took place physically and locally, which led to a scattered learning landscape. With the rise of COVID-19, these trainings were made available digitally, which provided a great opportunity for even more people to join these trainings. We created an online platform, where people don't just have access to trainings, but where they are also inspired to reflect on their own unique learning journey. I see it as my mission to create a spark for people, where they constantly focus and reflect on their personal development.”

Fenna and Dionysia

Many small steps can equal big change


“I’m always searching for ways to take what we already have, and improve it. During the development of the platform, we used the existing materials as a foundation to build on. We constantly tested with our end users whether the platform was helpful and whether they would like to see changes."

Innovation starts small, so taking small steps, in the end, can lead to big changes.

The safety to be who you are


“To stimulate learning, we need to give people the freedom and safety to develop and to fall down. You should always take ownership yourself, but a manager should be there to stimulate and support you. For a learning culture to work, you need to feel the safety of being who you are, to be open about your dreams and what you aspire to be. We stimulate a continuous dialogue between the employee and the manager, to have that open conversation about development."

Are you curious about your personal nature?

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