Teamwork enhances performance and overall value

Manvee collaborative by nature


"Sharing my out-of-the-box ideas with others energises me as such interactions always have a positive outcome – either the idea materialises into a project or it gets shot down, and in any case I get to learn something new." Manvee is collaborative by nature. How does she use this in her job as B2B Digital Marketing Manager?

Bring digital aspects

“I am a B2B Digital Marketing Manager for FrieslandCampina Professional Industry Solutions. My core responsibility is to bring the digital aspects to enhance growth and customer intimacy with the help of data and digital ecosystems. I work in a multidisciplinary team set up where I regularly align with colleagues from Brand Communications, Marketing, and Sales."

Manvee with laptop

It is a balancing act


"I find working for the FrieslandCampina Professional Industry Solutions business very interesting as it caters to large FMCG companies and co-creates their end products with dairy and alternative solutions. This setup allows us to build a strong relationship with every customer and use digital means to cross-sell and upsell solutions, however, it does make standardising customer journeys challenging. For every campaign, we are always striving to create a balance between online marketing automation techniques and offline personalization executed by sales."



When I first joined FrieslandCampina, I noticed that there is a strong sense of belonging in everyone who works here. The overall positive atmosphere and conversation culture at FrieslandCampina helps cultivate ambition and growth in a healthy manner.

The power of We


"I genuinely believe that great things are never done by one person, so I always share my ideas with those who I think can help build it further. Such interactions energise me as they always have a positive outcome – either the idea materialises into a project or it gets shot down, and in either case I learn something new."

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