The power of creativity

Haseeb - creative by nature


“I always like to think of a problem from different angles and wonder what is the best way to solve it.” Haseeb translates his Creative nature into his work as Marketing Director for the Middle East and North Africa.


“We often do things because someone has told us that this is how it is, or no one has questioned approaching the problem or opportunity from a different perspective. If we want to create something unique or new for our consumers, then I believe 3 beliefs and behaviors can be very helpful to foster creativity. Let’s call them the 3 Cs of Creativity."

Being Curious and asking questions, being Committed and refusing to accept that things cannot be made better and being Collaborative to inspire people to work with each other. 

Being curious

"When we ask questions, we are able to understand the pain points of our consumers and shoppers. While it may look like a very simple act, the mere act of questioning can potentially unleash the spirit of creativity. In my role, I need to inspire others to unlock and unleash their creativity so that we may use it to build and execute a strong commercial plan across multiple geographies. In this day and age, it is not just about being creative myself, it's mainly about fostering an open and expressive culture where others feel comfortable to express their creative ideas and bring about change in the company."

Haseeb and team

Being Committed


"I believe that the greatest entrepreneurs, innovators, medical researchers etc. all have one thing in common; they refuse to accept that things could not be made better with their imagination and creativity. Even in the darkest of times, they are fighting their way towards the light because the best fuel to fire up creativity is optimism. It is the spark in our eyes that can sometimes help illuminate the journey ahead."

We are often told that it's not possible to change the way things happen, that we are crazy to believe that we can change the world, but it's indeed the "crazy" who end up showing the world the power of creativity.

Being Collaborative

"Another way to fuel creativity is fostering a culture of diversity. I believe diversity of ideas comes from the diversity of people. In this aspect we are quite lucky that we have diversity in our team. In the picture you can see that in one of our teams we have Egyptians, Moroccans, Dutch, Indians, Lebanese, Romanians, Filipinos and Pakistanis, which makes it an extraordinary combination of people who share ideas and build on each other's perspective. The goal of bringing everyone together is to share best practices with each other, bounce off ideas, share failures, so we can learn from each other."

MENA cheese power meet up


“It’s great to be part of a global company, to connect with colleagues in other regions and learn from each other. FrieslandCampina is big enough to be a multinational, but small enough to stay connected.”

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