The Power of Coaching: a collaboration with The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


Two worlds coliding


Within FrieslandCampina we believe in continuous learning. Especially within our Research & Development function, learning and adaptation is vital to our success. To showcase that learning truly happens everywhere, we have collaborated with The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Our collaboration shows the transformative power of coaching, whether you work within FrieslandCampina or as a musician trying to master a new composition. 

During the Concertgebouw Orchestra YOUNG initiative, 84 young musicians came together from all over the world to learn and grow into one orchestra through the power of coaching. Here, we got a closer look at just how powerful coaching can be in developing others. In parallel, Sarah Lindeman, Manager Development at FrieslandCampina reflects on the power of coaching within FrieslandCampina:

"For me, being a coach is a privilege. You get to see 
people grow and develop into the best version of themselves."

The power of coaching

Watch the video and get inspired by the power of coaching, regardless of operating in a lab or mastering a new composition.

Learning opportunities are all around us; let's embrace them.

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