(Personal) development is one of my key priorities: when you grow, we grow

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The work culture has provided me opportunities to work across functions


“I see it as a privilege to learn from great leaders and to be exposed to highly professional ways of work. The coaching and mentoring I received while working here at FrieslandCampina Nigeria enhanced my career to move from a role of Machine Operator to Production Manager.” Olubunmi is courageous by nature, read more about his development journey.

My journey at FrieslandCampina

The work culture has embedded an owners’ mindset in me (taking ownership), and opportunities to work across functions which has increased my in-depth knowledge of safety, quality, continuous improvement and operational excellence. The journey brought me to the role I have now, Production Manager.

As a Production Manager for our condensed plant in Nigeria, I ensure daily safety of personnel, equipment and products.  

I facilitate production of quality products at optimal cost for consumers to have values for their money and, to deliver our common goal of Nourishing Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) with quality dairy nutrition.

It is a great challenge to be responsible for delivering of set volume per day, week and month to fulfil forecasted demand for the year. Ensuring equipment availability via necessary machine maintenance and prompt alignment, communication with planning and distribution is key. Additionally, I support the Plant Manager in creating innovative ideas to expand the plant capacity and cost budgeting.

Let's learn and grow together

Over the years, I had the opportunity to develop myself and see growth in both team building skills, and functional knowledge, like root cause analysis (RCA), inventory management, project management, process evaluation and sustainability to enhance in achieving my daily deliverables."

Personal development is essential to me and it is one of my key priorities for my team members. Because when we all grow, Frieslandcampina grows!

Photo Olubunmi Omisakin - Three Crowns Brand
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