My experience within Supply Chain helps me to serve our customer even better

Hannah Feringa


Hannah Feringa started her career at FrieslandCampina in the production location in Beilen, which produces infant nutrition. Now she is working for Consumer Dairy Africa as a link between Marketing & Sales and Production.

I really learned a lot in Beilen. From the people and the passion they put into their work as well as from the input of our international customers.

"This solid basis allows me to perform even better in my current role as Project Manager Commercialisation within Consumer Dairy Africa.”



Hannah joined FrieslandCampina as management trainee for Supply Chain in 2017. This was a bit of a leap in the dark. “I did not know which location I would work for and it was completely different than my two master studies in research. I was really happy to end up in Beilen where we make infant nutrition, as I understood the production process. I worked within the Continuous Improvement team. There is always a lot of pressure on the work in Beilen. We have to deal with the extreme demands from the market. We focused on a uniform and standardised way of working, with respect for the knowledge and skills of the employees."



“After my first year of the traineeship, I knew that my passion was more in the area of commerce and introducing product innovations into the international market. Therefore, I made the switch to project manager for Consumer Dairy Africa, as a member of the Commercialisation Team Africa. Consumer Dairy Africa concentrates on the 42 African countries. The portfolio is diverse, including cheese, condensed milk, long-life milk, milk powder and evaporated milk, and we mainly import from the Netherlands into the African continent. However, production is also done locally, such as evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and infant milk powder in Ivory Coast. Additionally, there is local packaging, such as cheese in Morocco and Algeria. During the past two years, I have been involved in expanding the portfolio and setting up the operational part.

I am part of the Commercialisation team that forms the bridge between Marketing & Sales and Supply Chain.

I translate the call from Marketing for new products or product adjustments to our Supply Chain. Here I notice that my experience is a big help in responding to the requests of Marketing in a realistic way.”

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