Challenges always motivate and keep me going

Zai Lin is passionate by nature


"I am passionate about continuous learning and growth. Challenges always motivate and keep me going." Zai Lin is passionate by nature, but how does she translates this into building her career within FrieslandCampina?

My Learning Journey


I started my career with FrieslandCampina as a Nutritional Executive at Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (DLMI) in Malaysia. After obtaining my degree, I got the opportunity to lead a team in my 3rd year! I am grateful that the company provides equal opportunities to everyone based on performance. Being passionate by nature, gives me also a platform to further fulfill my desire to help others to grow.

Learning is a continuous journey. An essential learning experience was to lead the Scientific Pediatric Growth Academy together with Global Medical Marketing team and Nigeria colleagues.

I feel really proud because the series of workshops brought us new leads and differentiated us from the competitors.

This was a rewarding journey, as it exposed me to see things even more from different perspectives. The best moment for me was brainstorming after each series to improve on the next series. I appreciated the cross-learning in these sessions, and due to the positive and highly supportive team, it was easier to realise and work on points for improvement. 

When you "collab", it helps you in your next step!


All thanks to the collaboration opportunities I had with the teams across FrieslandCampina, I am now 2 months into my new role as a Channel Execution Manager at DLMI. This career change has definitely provided me with a steeper learning curve, bringing my personal growth to the next level.

I believe that learning is a two-way process, the organisation can give you opportunities, but you also need to take ownership for your personal development. Be curious and grab the opportunities to continuously learn and grow. 

Teams that play together, stay together

In addition to all that, I am a strong believer that a team that plays together, stays together! Being part of FrieslandCampina and DLMI, we celebrate small successes while aiming for the big goal. That spirit fuels to me the power of "We". I feel happy to be able to work together with a dedicated and passionate team. I am grateful for everything that my team has achieved so far, it definitely keeps us motivated and excited about the future when we feel like our efforts actually make a difference.

DLMI team Malaysia


FrieslandCampina has a very welcoming, supportive, empowering and open culture. I value the trust the company has given me to make things happen and allows room for testing and learning. Their belief is my believe, that when you grow, the company grows as well. 

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