Bring in a friend or relative

FrieslandCampina's Referral Programme

You’re The Link!


Our quest is to improve the world’s nutrition today, and for the generations to come. We have grand ambitions, but that's in our nature. We are constantly looking for people who can help us realise those ambitions. So if you know a friend, neighbour, teammate or family member who would be a good fit for the FrieslandCampina culture, start the conversation and refer them for a job.

How To Refer a Candidate?

What’s In It For You?

It doesn’t matter which discipline or location you are working in; as an employee of FrieslandCampina you are an ambassador by definition. We very much appreciate your ambassadorship and therefore we will reward you for your contribution. If there is a match and your candidate is hired, you will receive a referral fee. The amount of the fee differs per country. Ask your local HR department for the exact amount. 


Are you an ambassador by nature

Are you an ambassador by nature? Refer a friend or relative!