"What energises me most in work is people management"

Patrick empowering by nature


"I get really energised when someone is capable of doing more than they expected beforehand." Patrick is empowering by nature. How does he use this in his job as Manager Supply Planning?

End-to-end supply planning

“I’m responsible for the end-to-end supply planning of 4 different factories in Belgium and the Netherlands and an external manufacturing team. My team translates the demand forecasts of 16 'fighting units' from all over the world into 18-month week bucket plans and detailed daily production plans for our factories to produce. We also plan and order all the raw products and packaging materials, including the raw milk from our farmers, and manage our inbound warehouses where they are in stock.



Being part of an end-to-end chain is never boring since there are always parts in the chain that are not going as planned. We have 3 main KPI's to manage and balance:

  • Service levels to our markets: deliver the requested volumes
  • Waste: prevent destruction of our goods due to passing expiry dates
  • Stock levels: having optimal stock levels, not too much and not too little

Empowering others


What energises me most in work is people management. I get really energised when someone is capable of doing more than they expected beforehand. For example, someone learning a new business intelligence tool and proudly presenting this to others or someone making a new step in their career.

A lot of learning opportunities


In my 10 years at FrieslandCampina, I have always worked in the supply chain but was able to develop myself in many different area’s like distribution and export, demand and supply planning, working on big IT projects and had the opportunity to participate in different talent programs. I worked in different locations, amongst which Hong Kong!"

Being in an international company and working with people from different cultures has given me countless learning opportunities and a lot of energy

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