Together we ensure the machine park is set for reliable operations

Kirill Empowering by nature


Kirill is Manager Technical Services. He is empowering by nature, but how does he translate this into his work?

I'm really a people minded person and enjoy working together. Working on challenges like ensuring a team spirit and making sure people are moving in the right direction energises me. 

The importance of having a good team

"I'm managing an amazing team of 55 technical professionals, of which 7 are direct reports. The team is a great mix of  go-getters, thinkers and coordinators. Together we ensure the machine park is set for reliable operations. This is important since we are working with fresh products. If a machine is broken for a couple of hours, this could directly hit the market. What we are producing in the morning is already available in the supermarkets in the evenings."

Production lines in Maasdam

Building personal connections


"To me, interaction and collaboration are very important in the team. I try to build personal connections with my people. Physical presence is important in this. I'm always working in the same area as my people, instead of in the office environment. This way it's easier to approach me and I will stay visible.

The informal character is a key characteristic of FrieslandCampina and I would like to bring this to my team. 

We organised an online quiz with the team to get to know each other better. For me, it was very special to notice that almost everyone in the team knew I recently became a father for the first time and that I moved to a different city. I appreciate that we are not just connecting with each other about work related topics, but also know what is going on privately. By being open myself, and at the same time being interested in my people I'm getting a completely different connection."

Development within the team


"My team has a lot of technical knowledge and they are often stronger in the content than I am. I guide them so that they are able to come up with solutions for problems themselves. Many people have grown into other roles within the team. For example from maintenance technician to teamleader or engineer. For me, their effort and commitment is decisive. I believe that those are the most important ingredients for the performance of the team."

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