Recap Sustainability Week 2023


Sustainability Week at FrieslandCampina


From the US all the way to Shanghai, colleagues around the world are uniting to step up for a better planet! By organising a wide variety of sustainability-related events we hope to inform, inspire and activate all employees. Our colleagues Eline, Putra and Sakhawat share more about their role during the Sustainability Week and why it's such a relevant topic. 

Eline, The Netherlands

Eline works as an Internal Communication Specialist at our central office in Amersfoort. ”I believe that companies have a big role in making the world more sustainable. “FrieslandCampina can inspire employees on how to become more sustainable, by giving the right example and make it easier for employees to make sustainable choices.”

During Sustainability Week in Amersfoort, we organised a variety of activities, like lunch talks, visits to sustainable farms, and a House of Commons debate about sustainability dilemma’s. “I personally really liked the initiative to collect clothes for Terre des Hommes, as this has a positive effect on both the environment and society.”

Eline was really happy to be part of this project even though she didn't know much about sustainability at first. “To me this shows that at FrieslandCampina, you can learn new things outside of your usual work or studies when you're eager to learn.”


Putra, Indonesia

In Indonesia, Putra (Corporate Sustainability Development Manager) and his colleagues organised sustainability events that align with their local culture and customs. “We aimed to encourage our employees to take small actions that can have a big impact on our environment. We believe that each person who gets inspired will become a champion, motivating those around them, such as family, friends, and communities, to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.”

“As part of Sustainability Week, we hosted the Sustainability Talks Event at our Pasar Rebo Plant in Jakarta. This event was broadcasted as a live stream to reach our employees all over Indonesia. We also initiated a Waste Collection Competition to collect waste for recycling. And we recognised employees who commuted to work by bike, which is not very common in Indonesia due to factors like the weather and the lack of bike infrastructure.”


Sakhawat, Pakistan

Sakhawat (Regional Business Manager, Dairy Sales Department) is a sustainability ambassador for dairy sales and the Omore ice cream department. During Sustainability Week Sakhawat was part of organising several activities, including a community clean-up. “Together with a group of colleagues we cleaned up the streets close to our regional office (Peshawar KPK Province). We also engaged distributors and colleagues to plant trees in our region for a greener planet. "From Peshawar, Nowshera, Mardan to Pabbi and many other cities: a true team effort!"

Sustainability Week is very important to me because I strongly believe that a livable world is one with lots of nature. “All the investments businesses make in the world depend on a healthy environment. Therefore it's crucial for everyone to work together to make the planet greener and to show their commitment through visible sustainability activities.”


Nill, Phillippines

Nill and his team (Philippines) look back on several great highlights. One of them is the Asia CEO Awards: “Alaska Milk Corporation, was one of the 12 finalists and part of this year’s Circle of Excellence for Sustainability Company of the Year Award.” This award is given to organisations that drive and demonstrate leadership and commitment to doing business without negatively impacting environment, community, or society as a whole.”

“We also look back on a successful collaboration with Makati City as part of our Wrapper Redemption Program. Residents can hand in waste in return for Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, and on the same time proper waste segregation at household and community level is promoted.” And last but not least: “We are really proud of our new partnership with the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) for a dedicated clean-up drive in the vicinity of our manufacturing facility. This collective effort resulted in the responsible disposal of more than 2,800 kilograms of waste.”

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