Moving towards a better world for everyone

Almudena - inclusive by nature


Achieving gender equity, or diversity and inclusion in general, is not about any given company or organisation achieving a goal, it’s about society moving towards a better world for everyone. Inspired by her inclusive nature, together with her colleagues from the Gender Equity Team, Almudena is on a mission to increase awareness, reduce bias and empower other colleagues to be their true selves.




"I am the person that I am today, thanks to all those people in my life that have taught me their culture, their perspectives, their struggles, and their different opinions to mine. Having attended international schools, I was exposed to a very diverse group of people. I always loved that as we were all different, we were all equal too, we learnt from one another and were accepting of our differences. Outside of our bubble though, this was not always the case.

To this day, I tend to find myself speaking up for the ‘minority’, because I believe we should treat others the way we would like them to treat us.

Gender Equity team

Within FrieslandCampina I am part of the Gender Equity Team (a group of very passionate and motivated volunteers). Our aim is to make an impact within our organisation by supporting all genders in establishing a gender equal work environment. Supporting in the roll out of the Gender Equity plan is therefore our top priority. In this plan we focus on increasing awareness, reducing bias and empowering our colleagues to be their true selves. 

We hope to accomplish this in close collaboration with the LEAD Network
who’s mission it is to attract, retain and advance women in the retail and consumer goods industry in Europe through education, leadership and business development.

As a company we want to develop our employees without questioning their nature, it is our differences what makes us unique and stronger, embracing them will make us a better organisation.


Photo Gender Equity Team

Looking forward


Making steps in the inclusivity of organisations will be crucial in the coming years because despite diversity being important, it means very little without inclusion. If we have diversity, but we’re not willing to listen to the diversity in the room, what’s the point of having it? From a gender equity perspective, increased and well-tailored support should be provided to both men and women throughout the important stages in their lives, i.e. parental leave of all parents, re-integration programs, support and knowledge on menopause. Having said that, the most important thing about inclusivity is that it is a call to action to each and every one of us; what will I do today to contribute?"

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