Leading a Supply Chain transformation in the Philippines

Marietta - courageous by nature


In her career, Marietta has taken very courageous decisions. From moving to another country, to managing a challenging transformation and making difficult decisions. How does she bring her courageous nature to life as Plant Director at FrieslandCampina in the Philippines?

Marietta's career path

She could have taken the easy road and stay in her comfort zone, but that’s not in Marietta’s nature. After building a career in Operational Excellence within different markets in Asia, it was time for a new challenge in her home country the Philippines. “I started 6 years ago at Alaska Milk Corporation, which was at that time newly owned by FrieslandCampina. It was the first time the plant had a Continuous Improvement department and it was my job to lead the team. After 3 years in the role, I became Plant Director, managing more than 600 people.”

Marietta and colleague

Supply Chain transformation


Alaska Milk Corporation is going through a transformation; from a locally owned organisation to a multinational. "It has been a total rollercoaster ride. From reorganising the entire building, to relooking at the capabilities we need within the organisation. We found that in order to act fast, we need our people to be lean. For instance, for a technical operator to be able to operate, maintain and perform quality checks. Ultimately, the reorganisation did impact people's jobs and that is a difficult decision to make. We are helping them to look for new jobs outside of the organisation via a care programme. I don’t want them to feel like we are leaving them behind.

It’s not just about becoming more lean as an organisation, it’s also about creating an inspiring environment where people enjoy working in.

My vision is to make Alaska Milk Corporation a great place to work, while operating a sustainable business. To be able to do that, we need capable people who have the right mindset and who take ownership. We are doing everything we can to make our people feel comfortable in this transformation and I hope that we can keep growing together.”

A real learning opportunity


It's challenging to be the first female Plant Director in the Philippines, managing an 80% male population, and leading a transformation. "It was a real learning opportunity. I needed to have a clear vision on where the organisation should be, navigate obstacles and then provide the energy and direction for the people to make things happen. It's very energising to see the organisation evolving and to see the impact we are making."

Nourishing the Filipino families

When asking Marietta why she took on this challenge, she explains: “I wanted to work for an organisation that had real purpose. I really believe in FrieslandCampina’s purpose of bringing good nutrition, nourishing the Filipino families. It very much connects to what I value as a person and it’s why I go to work every day. 

Marietta and colleagues in the factory


When I visited the Netherlands, I saw the farm and the dairy farmers. The story of being a cooperation, owned by farmers really came to live. It’s not owned by one person or an elite group of people. It’s owned by the farmers and they are working really hard, early morning until late night, in order to be able to supply the milk that we produce."

No matter how many challenges we have in the work, you know that you are able to contribute to that purpose and that makes a lot of difference.

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