LEAP showed the leader within me was real



Can a development program truly make an impact on someone’s personal and professional lives? “Yes!” would be the answer of Lorin te Woerd (R&D Manager Panel Expertise team) and Valerie (Technical Sales Specialist Early Life Nutrition) who both took part in our LEAP Journey. 

A revelation

Lorin: “The LEAP journey was a revelation for me. It showed me that the leader within me was real, but that she could sometimes hid because she felt unsure. I used to be a strong leader when I was in my element; when I had all the facts and a complete picture. However, in unfamiliar territory, I held back, fearing rejection. LEAP taught me that even when I wasn't the expert, my questions and input were valuable, shaping new ideas and solutions.”


A win-win: energised from the stretch ánd performing at my best


“During a training week in Amersfoort, we stepped into the shoes of a dairy company's leadership team, facing high-stakes decisions and intense pressure. It pushed me to make impactful choices with limited information alongside other strong leaders. This challenge fueled my energy and motivation. Being stretched was a learning opportunity. Mistakes were part of the process, and coaching and reflection helped me see my strengths. LEAP encouraged me to invest in what I excelled at and to define my ‘personal why’, ensuring that I stayed true to myself.”

The power of opening up


“Leading myself is one, then comes leading others and leading your work. All together is what makes a leader. It’s important for a team to share thoughts and feelings, to be open. LEAP (and especially the period afterwards) made me realize the impact this has. Being open to others does really stimulate others to be open to you. Which results in trust and respect.”

Now I know what drives me


About LEAP


The LEAP program is a transformative journey where employees focus on developing the growth mindset and skills required for being a successful leader within FrieslandCampina. LEAP allows our employees to transition from an individual contributor to inspiring and leading others. e don’t want to drive a "one-size-fits-all" approach to leadership; instead, we want authentic leaders who inspire with their purpose and who stay true to their nature. 

We are proud to share that our LEAP Journey has been awarded with a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for excellence in the category of Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Program. 


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