Start small, think big, and scale fast

Tracy, Collaborative By Nature

I feel strongly supported to pursue my ambition and passion


‘’I get energised when I see the passion of my team, who work hard and bring new ideas to the discussion.”

Tracy is collaborative by nature. Curious how she translates this into her work as Managing Director at FrieslandCampina Hong Kong Ltd ? Read her story below.

Tracy has had a rich 13 years’ experience within FrieslandCampina Hong Kong and successfully oversees strong No. 1 brands such as BLACK & WHITE® (Evaporated Milk), Dutch Lady® (UHT Milk) and currently Friso® (Specialized Nutrition). "Of all brands, I am particularly passionate about is BLACK & WHITE® (B&W), as it is an 80-year-old brand committed to promoting the authentic Hong Kong Style milk tea-drinking culture and its tea making techniques to the next generation.  It makes me proud to contribute to a culture that is very important to the people of Hong Kong."

Start small, think big, and scale fast


Backed in 2019, FrieslandCampina aimed to transform B&W from a B2B to a B2C dairy beverage brand and looked to recruit young generations into the category.  Therefore, I formed a micro-battle team to "start small, think big, and scale fast" to win in the market.  It was great to lead my team with a clear strategy and motivate them to be committed to driving execution excellence. As a result, we proudly launched our first B&W ready-to-drink Classic Milk Tea within 1.5 years!

The test launch received great feedback, and we gained distribution support from retailers for the grand launch. With the help of a young celebrity endorsement, our product became very popular among youngsters.  As a result, B&W's brand awareness and imagery were elevated to the next level! 

Working towards and contributing to a better planet

With this learning, I am looking forward to building the growth engine for the Specialized Nutrition business in Hong Kong, focusing on gaining new traction with innovative infant formula products to the local market in the coming months, also ensuring we continue with our sustainability momentum by supporting our environmentally conscious consumers in meeting global sustainable standards through better nutrition and packaging. It gives me peace of mind that we are working towards and contributing to a better planet.

Team Tracy

“I feel strongly supported to pursue my ambition and passion.”

FrieslandCampina strongly supports my personal development and the pursuit of my ambition and passion.  With firm trust developed within the team and transparent culture, I can have open discussions on business opportunities to drive strong revenue growth. In addition, the company provides relevant development programs to sharpen both my leadership and business skills across my career progression.  This has help me broaden my network which is one of the key success factors in my progression within the company.

In Hong Kong, we don’t have an agricultural landscape to gain grounded experience of working on a farm. Therefore, the physical understanding of how our farmers live and produce the milk we deliver to the HK community is an inspiring experience. I feel the purpose of ‘nourishing by nature’ gives me perspective of what we value as a company in bringing quality and high standard nourishment.



For me, ‘from grass to glass’, speaks about quality, nutrition, and how we can bring nature back to the kitchen table in all walks of life. Whether you are a working mom, a kid going to school, or a teenager on the go, our products touch them.

Nourishing by nature

With my team, I live the leadership profile of a Purpose-driven, Commercial Obsessed, and Owners Mindset. Each day we remind ourselves of what we stand for, how to drive profit and results, and at the same time, be proud to own and be accountable for what we need to deliver efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tracy with team

"Cultivating a culture that values each member's unique strengths and working style."


I get energised when I see the passion of my team, who work hard and bring new ideas to the discussion. They are not afraid of the unknown, as shown by their resilience and compassion during the pandemic and lockdown situation in Hong Kong. It’s great to see how dedicated my team is to our purpose. They are self-driven and communicate openly to address challenges and support one another's accountability. We have also undergone a strength-based workshop using the CliftonStrengths assessment to cultivate a culture that values each member's unique strengths and working style. Finally, the team focuses on truly understanding the "Power of We" to thrive together.

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