Accelerating personal leadership journeys within FrieslandCampina

Unleash Your Nature


Unlocking the full potential of FrieslandCampina’s young leaders, that is what our LEAP journey is all about. We don’t want to drive a "one-size fits all" approach to leadership; instead we want authentic leaders who inspire with their purpose and who stay true to their nature. How does the LEAP journey support in this?

From individual contributor to inspiring & leading others

During the four-month LEAP journey, leaders from all over the world develop the mindset and skills that are required to be a successful leader within FrieslandCampina, and for successfully transitioning from individual contributor to inspiring and leading others. This starts with understanding your personal why - what makes you unique as a leader - and how to use this to lead, inspire and engage others. 

LEAP participants

Understanding the organisation


As a leader, it's important to understand our organisation. You need to have a holistic perspective, and everything you do needs to fit the larger organisation's ambition. During the journey, participants are introduced to different stakeholders; they identify the most important stakeholders along the entire value chain, speak with senior managers, and visit one of our member dairy farmers.

The journey


Participants follow different workshops and inspiration sessions, they work with peer coaching groups, and on-the-job assignments to directly apply their learnings. Part of the journey is a four day leadership simulation, where participants engage in a strategic game, running a fictive organisation as the leaders of the business, and compete with each other. This way, participants can apply everything they have learned into practice, dare to experiment, and embrace a commercial mindset.

LEAP means to jump or spring a long way, to a great height or with great force. 

The LEAP journey has been co-developed with and is facilitated by BTS 

An impactful program

"In the past, I have always been a little nervous when dealing with senior stakeholders. In the LEAP journey, I could develop my leadership style by understanding the strengths of different styles, identifying my development areas via 360 feedback, and working with coaches. This has been very impactful since it gives me much more confidence to lead and manage senior stakeholders in the future." - Kris, IT Solution Specialist

Kris Courageous by nature

Bring your spark. Join us. Grow with us

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