Podcast Natures Unleashed

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Natures Unleashed

The Natures Unleashed podcast is all about the fascinating world of FrieslandCampina's leaders. Throughout this series, we will speak with leaders about their personal growth, the challenges they overcame, the successes they celebrated, and their view on the future of FrieslandCampina. You'll discover all about their natures and how it helped them become the leader they are today. Expect inspiring, personal stories, and valuable insights into leadership.


Episode 1: Sumeet Mathur

"There will be people out there that you may really look up to, but they're different people then yourself. You should just be the best version of who 'you' are."


Sumeet Mathur - Managing Director FrieslandCampina Americas


Episode 2: Will Jones

"The future is not about inventing new solutions, as it will be done for us, the skill is about being able to reinvent yourself."

Will Jones - Managing Director UK