Setting the price of dairy



“Trust is fundamental in my daily work and I believe it's essential when working closely with others. Our team has an open culture where it’s ok to ask questions, fostering a comfortable environment that builds trust.”

Harm is collaborative by nature. Curious to learn how he uses this in his work as Senior Pricing Manager FrieslandCampina Trading?

Read his story below.

Getting the best price for our farmers


I have been working at FrieslandCampina for nearly 5 years now, specializing in pricing for cheese, butter and milk powder. Prior to my career at FrieslandCampina, I spent 11 years in aviation, where I was responsible for pricing, revenue management and network planning.

I am part of the business group Trading and we manage the over- and undersupply of milk. Our team valorizes the left-over milk from all other business groups through commodities, to get the best price for our famers. As a pricing manager, you are responsible for setting the price levels for the products we sell to our customers. This involves considering market price expectations, contracting trends and internal product availability. Our sales teams use these price levels when offering our products to our customers.

Collaboration is key


Collaboration is key to be successful in my role. I maintain a constant connection with our Sales, Dairy Market Analysts and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) teams to stay on top of the developments in the market but also on our own product availability.

The strong sense of connection between colleagues is something that I truly appreciate at FrieslandCampina. With our team of (approximately) 50 colleagues from diverse backgrounds, we foster a tight-knit and international community - with an open and friendly culture and short communication lines. Taking an interest in people’s personal lives goes beyond the boundaries of work-related discussions and is essential for building strong relationships with colleagues.

Taking control of your own growth

In terms of personal development, I acknowledge the support provided by our company but emphasize the importance of individuals taking control of their own growth.

Within FrieslandCampina, we have access to training programs that enable us to engage with colleagues beyond our typical work boundaries, effectively expanding our internal network.

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