Intern QA team Beilen onderwerp II: QCP's

At Friesland Campina Beilen different products and ingredients are produced, with the focus on infant/child nutrition. Because of this vulnerable target

group, the requirements for food safety and quality are very high. It is critical to control the quality and food safety of raw materials, production

processes, environment and final products accordingly.


Intern QA team Beilen onderwerp II: QCP's

What we ask

  • we are looking for a proactive person who is hands-on and likes to put theory into practice.
  • We are expecting you to independently work your way through the FoQus quality regulations and that you can translate these for the processes that you recognize in the factory. Off course there is a lot of knowledge and experience at the QA department, and we will guide you through, but we expect you to find your own way. This is a unique assignment for you to make a real impact in one of the largest and most important production facilities of Friesland Campina.

What we offer

  • Provide inside on how we should approach QCPs, explained in our internal quality rules: FoQus
  • To what extend can this be applied to and implemented in site Beilen?
  • Develop/Optimize the QCP decision tree
  • Identify local QCPs
  • Make a priority list for implementation of QCPs based on risks, chance and severity

Vacancy description


There is a fully implemented and functional system to identify and control the Critical Control Points (CCPs) and the Operational Prerequisite Program

(OPRP), in order to secure food safety within the plant. This is strictly managed in the HACCP program.

The internal quality system for Friesland Campina prescribes that all production facilities should implement a similar program for Quality Control Points

(QCPs). QCPs are processes for which specific measures are taken to control the quality of the products specifically, so these do not focus on food safety.

When these processes are not well organized, the risks for Market Quality Issues and complaints and the reputation and stability of the whole

company are high. Also, being in control of QCPs ensures a stable production process with less product rejection

and provides insight for improvement of factory processes.

Because Beilen is a large production location with many different processes and departments, it is a big challenge to implement the FoQus requirements

well. There is need for a functional way of working, suitable for Beilen, which results in the implementation of QCPs in Beilen. We are looking for someone

who can collect and process information from FoQus and the Beilen site, and can implement a way of working for QCP identification and validation. We

need someone with a pragmatic approach, because of the size of the plant, which prioritizes correctly to implement the process quickly, and correctly.







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JOB-ID: 28441 | Intern QA team Beilen onderwerp II: QCP's, Netherlands
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