Fighting malnutrition in Indonesia

Angelia - caring by nature


“My dream is that one day, no Indonesian child is found to be malnourished.” Angelia, Head of Frisian Flag IFT (infant, follow-up and toddler nutrition) is caring by nature, but how does she translate this into her work?

A country of contradiction


“Indonesia is a country of contradiction. Economically we have grown and the development is good. At the same time, many people are suffering from malnutrition (poor nutrition). This shows in the stunting rate of approximately 30%. Meaning that 30% of the children below 5 years old are suffering from undernutrition and as a consequence experience reduced growth. Imagine this for a population of 300 million people, with around 35 million kids below 5 years old. I find that really sad.

Almost 1 out of 3 children is not getting the right nutrition and is experiencing a reduced growth.

The high stunting rate is a result of the lack of access to the right nutrition, and the lack of knowledge about good nutrition. Parents might think that as long as their children are full, that’s sufficient. They probably give the same food as they eat to their children, and are not aware that children need different nutrition, especially in the first 2 years of their life."

Providing good nutrition

“This is where the products from Frisian Flag can make a difference. Our products provide special nutrition for children during the right stage of life. From nutrition for mothers during pregnancy, to infants (0-6 months), follow-on (6-12 months) and growing up milk (1-3 years/ 4-6 years). They contain all the goodness of milk and help children get ready for the future and to be able to optimise their full potential. The products help them become smart, grow tall and be strong.”

Frisian Flag Primagro

Every time I see a child drinking our products, and he or she is smiling, I feel like my heart is glowing.

Knowledge sharing


“We also provide educational programmes, webinars, congresses, events where we talk about good nutrition for children. I personally believe that we have to focus on preventing malnutrition, rather than treating it. We need to ensure that parents have knowledge about good nutrition and that children get the right food at the right stages of life. My dream is that one day, no Indonesian child is found to be malnourished."

We’re like a family

“Together with my amazing team, I’m able to make an impact. FrieslandCampina is somehow a bit like a family. We talk about EBIT, market share and growth, but I think the way we interact is much more familiar than in other companies. Colleagues are always willing to help. The company is your family, I really feel it here."

team Angelia

South East Asia Nutrition Survey


The FrieslandCampina Institute offers scientific information on dairy, nutrition and health. The Institute performed a South East Asia Nutrition Survey (SEANUTS), which is the largest and most extensive multi-centric nutrition and health study ever done in Southeast Asia. The results confirmed that stunting is a major nutritional problem in Indonesia. 

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